Urns & Cremation Memorials Akron, OH

For many people, the choice they make for their remains is essential to a cremation. Whether that is for their ashes to then be scattered or to be placed within a crematorium or other burial space. But with them all, as their loved one, you want to be able to have something to commemorate them by. At Akron Headstones, we can provide you with a number of styles of cremation memorials. Each one can and will be personalized to your requests and will be the fair reflection of your family or friend that has passed. You can place your faith in us to create a memorial that is going to help you remember your loved one for years to come.

It doesn’t matter how long you plan to hold on to your loved ones ashes for, you need to be able to store them in a dignified way. An urn is a great way to store your loved one’s cremains after cremation has taken place. There are a wide variety of different styles that you can choose from, with various options for color, material, design and size. We can promise you that somewhere in our wide collection we will have an urn that speaks to you and your family.

Grave Marker
If you or your loved one has made the choice to bury the urn at a grave site in a cemetery, it is always desirable to be able to commemorate the space with a cremation memorial. A simple yet long-lasting way to do that is with a grave marker. It can forever be a gentle reminder of the life that once was while also memorializing the great memories you had with that special person. Grave markers are a great way to mark and remember your loved one, as they are simple and economical options. 

Bronze Marker
Your loved one’s cremains may be placed in a cemetery that requires the grave marker to be made of bronze. If this is the case, we are able to create a bronze memorial for your loved one that will honor their legacy. Our bronze grave markers have the ability to have photos added to them, and can go into quite detail while still keeping an elegant and modern style.

One of the most popular types of cremation memorials we create are memorial benches. These are great options, especially if your loved one’s cremains are going to be placed in a cemetery. A memorial bench allows for anyone visiting the grave site to sit and reflect on past memories. Our cremation benches also have room inside to store the urn that will hold your loved one’s cremains.