Grave Markers Akron, OH

After you lose a loved one, you want to be able to find the best way to commemorate them. Part of that comes with the type of headstone that you choose. Many cemeteries only allow a small amount of space, which makes things like upright headstones and mausoleums out of the question. In this case, your best option is most likely a flat grave marker. A flat marker takes up a small amount of space, yet still allows a number of different aesthetic options for you to take advantage of. For this particular headstone option, you can take peace of mind knowing that we will be able to support you in finding the style best suited to you and your loved one.

Custom Colored Granite
Granite comes in a wide range of different colors, all of which show off a premium and clean look. It is the ideal material to be used for the grave marker of your choosing and will do justice to the memorial that you wish to create. Our flat headstones come in a wide variety of colors, and you can customize the engraving on them however you wish in order to honor the memory of your loved one.

Individual Marker
Individual markers are a type of grave marker unique to the person that they are honoring. 
They make for an elegant and economical headstone when you need to memorialize a single loved one, friend, or pet. Due to their size and engraving space, these types of headstones are the most economical and simple when choosing the type of memorial you will need.

Child or Infant Marker
The hardest thing you could ever face in your life is losing your child or an infant. But under the circumstance, it is important that you commemorate their youthful and bright spirit forever. Our child and infant grave markers will help you to do that. Many cemeteries have restrictions on the size of the grave marker for a child or infant. We are able to accommodate these special size requests when you need a smaller cemetery headstone. 

Companion Marker
Our companion grave markers are designed to honor the lives of two loved ones. Normally, these two were part of the same family, whether they were married, siblings, etc. Our companion grave markers are a little larger than the individual grave markers, and they too can be created in any of our available granite colors. Our companion flat headstone prices will vary depending on the size and granite color. Give us a call to get a headstone quote for your loved ones today.