Mausoleums Akron, OH

Being able to visit a member of your family and see their resting place above ground can bring comfort and connection to a number of people. It has long been a method of burial, and has proved itself timeless. A mausoleum provides a housing for your loved one, in their casket. It will be somewhere easy for you to go and visit, really able to feel the presence of your loved one at your side. And, if this is the particular option that you have chosen between you, it is important that you have it made to a justified level of quality. We hope that you feel you can place your trust in us, for exactly that.

Private Mausoleum
A private mausoleum will house the body of one individual. It is a uniquely built memorial, which will commemorate the life of your loved one and who they were, in the themselves. Each one should be special to the person, made in a way that honors their life. Using our high-quality materials and the superior level of craftsmanship, that our team provide, we will create just that. Taking into account the fine details that you share with us, we will be sure to deliver you the private mausoleum that reflects your wishes and brings you comfort.

Family Mausoleum
With many families, the bond that is shared between them, is invaluable and should be recounted across many generations. Making use of a family mausoleum can guarantee that, allowing you to immortalize the names that make up your bloodline. The grandchildren of your grandchildren may one day look back, hearing fond stories of the names of you and your loved ones. Allow us to help your family cherish these memories, commemorating them forever. Our masterful team will be able to erect a structure, that does justice to the love that your family name stands for.

Garden Mausoleum
Building a mausoleum in a garden space or within the areas on your property, can bring the idea of making a visit to your loved one, that little bit closer to home.  Combining natural elements, such as flowers and plants, into a mausoleum, can mean that you integrate the spirit of your friend or family member, within the surrounding environment. Beautiful and serene, it will bring peace and comfort for both you and your family. And, you can trust us to help you do that, with respect and care for the quality of the work we produce. 

Premium Materials
Our promise, is to be help you commemorate the depth of the meaning the life of your loved one had for you. They deserve to have their name preserved, showing just how treasured they were. That is why, we only ever make use of a range of premium and personalized materials, transformed under the skillful hands of our master craftsmen. You will be able to find the most suitable style and materials, to fulfil your wishes. With premium granite, marble and other stone materials, we will erect a monument that immortalizes your friends and family.