Memorial Benches Akron, OH

When many people are considering their options after their time, a consideration is how they will continue to be remembered. For a number of our clients, that has meant finding a way to continue interacting with their loved ones. One way we have found, that is able to do exactly that, is with a memorial bench. There is no more subtle and tender way to connect with your passed family or friend, than being able to sit out on a summer day with them. It’ll be something you can incorporate into your daily life, with a peaceful and positive outlook. Let us be the ones to help you do that. Using premium materials, we will create the perfectly suited bench memorial, for the location of your choosing.

Memorial Garden Bench
A memorial garden bench is an elegant way to remember your loved one. This type of memorial bench is available in a number of different granite colors and designs. Our memorial garden benches make great alternatives to a traditional headstone, especially if you wish to visit the grave and sit for an extended period of time. Benches can be used for single or companion graves and can still be sandblasted in a way that has the name, design, and dates on the bench, similar to that of our upright headstones.

For some people, choosing a material should mean finding one, more reminiscent of a headstone. Something stone or granite, with a sandblasted finish. It will mean, that you can be more certain of the longevity of the monument, guaranteeing you being able to share it with the family that comes after you. This takes expert ability, something which we are well known for. We will be able to create the stone bench that will commemorate your loved one, forever after.

Custom Engraving
When you are creating a bench headstone, it is important to make sure the bench is dedicated to the person, for you to always be able to reflect on. The recount the words that follow their memory, you may wish to engrave them permanently. In one of our bronze plaques, we can inscribe the words that will resonate with you, every time you make use of the installation. And, with stone gravestones, we will be able to etch into the surface, with the same amount of customization. With both, we can guarantee a long-lasting print, which will be created with elegance.

Public Space Benches
In a number of circumstances, memorial benches are erected in more public spaces. Local parks, national monuments or important locations in their life, the place of choice may have a deeper sentimental meeting or may be tied to their accomplishments. Whatever the case, it is important that it is immortalized, with dignity. Our premium made benches will allow you to do that, being a gentle reminder, to anyone using them. It will ensure the spirit of your loved one is shared among the many people, interacting with the bench we will place. There is no better way, for you and your passed friend or family member, to never be forgotten.