Sandblasting & Laser Etching

When you are designing a monument, you do so knowing it is going to stay in place for generations to come. It needs to be able to stand the test of time, whilst retaining its premium look. That is why it is important for us to combine the highest standard of materials with all of the necessary techniques to produce the very best final product. Our promise to you, our valued client, is to craft a headstone that makes you proud. You can expect to be provided with a memorial that is going to fulfill your wishes, while still honoring the life of the person who passed for many years to come.

Sandblasting Process
The first part of us being able to honor your loved one is through our sandblasting process. Sandblasting, sometimes known as abrasive blasting, involves firing a fine but abrasive material against a stone material, to leave it incomparably smooth. This leaves behind a sleek and clean look to any type of headstone, effectively creating a clean slate to engrave your words into. It is a truly special finish, which will embody the calm and serenity that you wish to provide for your loved ones.

Laser Etching
The process of laser etching is a type of engraving that is performed on black granite headstones. Because of the unique properties of black granite, we are able to use laser etching to create high quality, detailed designs into the headstone of your loved one. We are even able to engrave a picture of them right into the black granite headstone. This type of engraving and attention to detail are the reasons why many families in Akron, OH tend to favor purchasing a black granite headstone for their loved one.

Working with High Quality Materials
To produce the aesthetic that we want to be able to promise, we only use the highest quality of granite available. Premium granite options can stand up against the aging effects of the passing of time. They do so, retaining the words that are engraved into them, so they can be recounted long after their creation. This is what you should expect of the company that you trust, with such a sentimental role.

Specialist Tools
The memory of your loved one is precious; unarguably priceless to you. So, it is only right that the level of care shown in the creation of their monument, is reflective of that. That is why we strive for precision and clarity in all of the work that we do. Our tools are the